EcCoWell is an integrated approach to deliver better quality of life to citizens in a sustainable way.

EcCoWell promotes integrating strategies to maximise the positive impacts on the health and educational opportunities of all citizens as well as developing the environmental and economic sustainability of the city, resulting in greater equality, social inclusion and ultimately quality of life.



  • Ec = Ecology & Economy
  • Co = Community & Culture
  • Well = Well-being & Lifelong Learning 

The concept has been developed by Peter Kearns and PASCAL International Exchanges (PIE).  PASCAL emerged from work done on lifelong learning by the OECD.  The approach provides a platform for integrating strategies such as Healthy City, Green City, Learning City and the Economic Development to create a blueprint that fosters quality of life and wellbeing for people in the Cork region.

An EcCoWell Cork leadership group has been working on ways of applying this concept to the Cork City region. To date it has comprised:

Lifelong Learning:  Denis Barrett, Learning City Coordinator & Deirdre Creedon, CIT, Tina Neylon;

Economics:  Elmarie McCarthy, City Council;

Health: Denise Cahill, HSE (Healthy City Co-ordinator),

Environment: Bernie Connolly (Cork Environmental Forum),

Culture: Martin O Donoghue (Cork Opera House),

Peter Kearns, who formulated the concept, was the keynote speaker at a seminar, organised as part of the 10th Cork Lifelong Learning Festival, on Wednesday March 21st, 2013.   He is Co-Director of PIE, and a leading Australian thinker, researcher, and consultant in lifelong learning and learning communities. He was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for his contribution to education & is a Fellow of the Australian College of Educators.

The EcCoWell International Conference in September was granted support as a Flagship Gathering event in Cork City and has already received very positive overseas support, as evidenced by a recent quote from the PIE website;

“This is a splendid initiative by Cork. Glasgow University has indicated that they that are willing to host a follow up event aligned with the Cork International meeting so that participants could attend both events if they wished. The Glasgow event will involve collaboration between Glasgow and Strathclyde Universities and is likely to be held on Monday 30 September following the Cork International meeting on 26-27 September”.

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