On June 7  2013 an Open Network meeting was held in Cork County Hall.  Approximately 50 representatives from agencies in the private, public, community and voluntary sector in Cork came together to learn about EcCoWeLL and to share ideas about projects that they are involved in.

Denis Barrett, City of Cork VEC facilitated the event.

Bernie Connolly from Cork Environmental Forum provided an overview of the journey to date, linking the work of Cork Environmental Forum to the broader concept of EcCoWeLL.

Denise Cahill, from Healthy Cities provided an overview of the EcCoWell concept, outlining the roots of EcCoWeLL, the crucial role of non-traditional partnerships, the cross-fertilisation of ideas among partners.  Sample EcCoWell initiatives in the city were also presented.  The key to success is the simplicity of the ideas.  To view Denise’ presentation click here

Martin O’Donoghue facilitated participants to contribute their ideas for EcCoWell action using Open Space Technology.

To learn more about Open Space Technology click here

This provided 8 participants to present 8 new EcCoWeLL ideas including:

  • Northside Community Enterprise
  • Cork Innovates
  • A Food Policy Council
  • Smarter Travel
  • Save Marina Park
  • Social & Health Education Project
  • Biodiversity in Beaumont Quarry
  • Bicycle Stations for Cork

To view pictures (including posters the new ideas generated) from the Open Network meeting click here