An EcCo Well event was organised on the 5th June 2014 to allow people an opportunity from a range of

sectors – education, health, environment, economic and community development– to collectively

engage with the Cork City Development draft plan, explore opportunities to build bridges between

sectors and identify potential improvements to the plan.

Members of the Cork City planning department were on hand to explore the following topics;

1.    Inclusive Neighbourhoods

2.    City Centre Regeneration

3.    Transportation

4.    Biodiversity/Natural Heritage

5.    Green Infrastructure (including recreational space)

6.    Built Heritage

7.    Economic and Retail Strategy

These topics were examined from the perspective of economy, environment, health, education and

social inclusion.

Almost 70 participants engaged in this process. The outcomes of the sessions are summarized and more

detail is available on the appendix document.

FINAL Submission to Cork City Development Plan Jun 2014 (2)