Learning City

A Learning Community is a City, Town or Region which mobilises all its resources in every sector to develop and enrich all its human potential for the fostering of personal growth, the maintenance of social cohesion, and the creation of prosperity.   (ELLI definition, quoted from Longworth, 1999).

One definition of a learning city: An approach to urban development where learning is a key tool for social inclusion and urban regeneration. Learning refers both to individuals (usually lifelong learning) and institutions (awareness to innovation), and strategies are developed through active partnerships and networking between communities.

The benefits of a Learning City

  • A much increased awareness of the wide variety of learning opportunities there are both in their local areas and across the city;
  • The encouragement of those contemplating returning to learning in some way – whether to gain qualifications or to enhance their quality of life;
  • The opportunity for those participating in learning to showcase their achievements – with exhibitions, displays, performances, open days;
  • The encouragement of the development of a culture of lifelong learning in the city.