Get involved at our conference – Tell Us about your Work 

We are delighted that so many delegates want to participate in a more active way in the EcCoWell conference – please forward this information to anybody that has expressed such an interest.

There are a few options for you to highlight your work – you can choose one or all of the options that suit you best:

We plan to have a rolling presentation on display during registration and during breaks – if you have a video or some slides that you would like to submit, we would be happy for these to be added to this presentation. E-mail presentations to by 5pm on September 16th at the latest

We can provide space in the hall for you to have a poster presentation / pop up stand with materials.  We can arrange for you to set this up on Sept 25th and leave it for the duration of the conference.

As you will see on Sept 26th there is an Open Networking session.  This is a facilitated discussion session to allow delegates to share their work, to seek input from each other and to perhaps explore an EcCoWell approach to the project.  Each workshop session has a theme (listed below) and you can select to attend the sessions that you feel is the best fit for your project.  All delegates will get to choose their workshop in advance of the conference – we will be in touch with you to confirm this.

Open Networking Session Themes:

  • The Food Chain: making the right links
  • Planning for People: developing our knowledge and skills
  • Vibrant Local Economies: enterprising approaches to sustainability
  • Are we mobile?  How far down the road can we go?
  • Well-being & Community: How do we measure up?